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The Art Of Good Customer Service

Keeping Your Clients Satisfied ...

Posted on: 16/05/2012   By: Andrew Mitchell

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business. Even if you have the best products or services in the world, without good customer service, your business may still fail. So why do so many organisations not understand this?

whatever line of business you're in, keeping your customers happy is paramount

whatever line of business you're in, keeping your customers happy is paramount

Customers are the people who buy your products or receive your services. Without them, your business will not grow. That's why, whether you're assisting them by phone, e-mail or personally, make sure you give the best customer service that they can get.

Good customer service skills can easily be learned and with proper training and practice, you can develop the communication, listening and problem solving skills - along with the art of patience and a good attitude - in all members of your team.

This leads me on to why I have been made aware of this process and why I always strive to give a professional first class service; how many of us have made a complaint to a company based on poor service? Probably all of us!!

Recently I had to complain to - of all places - my GP practice. If you have read my earlier blog about long term illness you will understand that my wife has been undergoing treatment for cancer and regularly needs a number of different drugs. Now to do something as simple as copying her request and putting the relevant items on to a prescription surely doesn't need a Master's Degree in Replication? Even a child can do it. I mean we have all copied from the person on the next desk at school in the past, haven't we? Or was that just me?

My wife requested 3 drugs and she asked for the prescription to be sent direct to the local Chemist for her to pick up. Now the general service standard is 48 hours. So we placed the request on Friday and then a few days later it should be ready to collect, shouldn't it? Sadly, we were still waiting after 192 hours! To further exasperate the situation, the items on the eventual prescription were incorrect and it was sent to the wrong chemist!

So we wrote a letter of complaint to the surgery and we received a notice via email stating that we would have a response in 10-15 working days. Well, that was on the 4th April, so they don't even follow their own complaints procedure do they?

As I see it, the problem with the medical community in Milton Keynes - due to the phenomenal growth in our fair city over the past few years- is that the capacity hasn't grown proportionately to the size of the community. This means that we would experience the added stress of trying to find a new practice which may be as over-stretched as our current one. We're stuck with this GP practice and have to suffer from their shoddy service.

If I applied this level of service to my PAT Testing business and looked at the amount of companies who are offering a similar service, I would surely lose that client and if I kept on providing this level of service I would ultimately be out of business very soon.

Remember good customer service skills will keep your clients satisfied, happy and will make them continue to do business with you. So if you would like to communicate with someone who listens, has the knowledge to help and is prepared to solve your problem with patience and a professional attitude call me on +44 (0) 800 118 2404 to discuss your health and safety needs.

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I have been electrical safety testing for over eight years and have worked for various police forces, small and large business clients even the Royal Household and more recently the Forensic Science Services and the Fire Service.


+44 (0) 800 118 2404


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