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Andrew Mitchell

PAT Testing for the Construction Industry

You build it and I'll test it for you ...

Posted on: 15/02/2012   By: Andrew Mitchell

The number of frantic last minute phone calls I receive from builders who realise their certification is about to expire never ceases to amaze me. You see, what most don't realise is that their equipment needs testing every three months ...

whatever the tools of your trade you must get them tested regularly

whatever the tools of your trade you must get them tested regularly

Usually it's for around ten items of construction equipment but it differs from trade to trade. Initially, my thoughts turn to Dad's Army and the famous saying "don't panic Mr Mainwaring!" However I know that ten items on a building site are going to take twice as long to test as the same amount in an office. Some of it may not have been tested for months and it always gets thrown around recklessly, covered in concrete and even used as a footstool.

Some of the things I have seen would really make your hair curl - well it would if you plugged it in - cables cut through still being used and out in the wet, missing covers, good old gaffa tape holding plugs together ... you name it, I've seen it! On second thoughts, maybe it would make your hair stand on end if you used it!

Remember, with electrical equipment, your life is in your own hands. BE VERY CAREFUL. Most small builders and contractors are not aware that they have to have their equipment regularly tested before being allowed on a building site - and when I say regularly, I mean every three months.

Call me on +44 (0) 800 118 2404 today and we can arrange your testing and certification.

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I have been electrical safety testing for over eight years and have worked for various police forces, small and large business clients even the Royal Household and more recently the Forensic Science Services and the Fire Service.


+44 (0) 800 118 2404


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